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Analyzing The Press Coverage and Evaluating Readers of Kuwaiti (in Arabic)

Auther : Taghrid Al-Mulla

This study is an extension of previous research about the media coverage of women's sport in five Kuwaiti newspapers: Al Watan, Al Qabas, Al Anbaa, Al Siyassah, and Al Rai. The analysis covers the time period between January - December 2009.
This study focuses on the obstacles and problems encoutered in
women's sport in the State of Kuwait as portrayed in the media and identifies the sporting activities in which Kuwaiti women are able to practise.
Several questions are raised:
- Reasons for acceptance/rejection of society towards the appearance
and participation of women in sport activities.
- How do important Kuwaiti newspapers play a role in supporting
women's sport?
- How does the media participate in the awareness of Kuwaiti women's
Based on that, the researcher used a descriptive survey (1550
individuals) and a content analysis of (481 news coverage) from the five Kuwaiti newspapers. The time period in which the content analysis has covered is from January - December 2009. Also a questionnaire is set to investigate (1550) Kuwaiti individuals of both sexes and all ages. The findings produce several results:
- the news coverage including local/Kuwaiti women's sport comes in
first place.
- tennis as a practised game comes next in the news coverage.
- 60% of the written news coverage is accompanied with pictures.
- Encouraging news material on women's sports has risen.
- Most individuals observe that Kuwaiti newspapers do not participate
enough in spreading and encouraging women's sports.
- Women's health is the primary achievement in their practising sports.
- Social life rejects the participation of women in sports in general.
- But it is also believed that women participating in sports will not affect
their position in society.

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