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The Extensive Construction in Contemporary Classical Arabic Language (in Arabic)

Auther : Rabee Khalaf

* "The present study entitled "The Extensive Construction in Contemporary Classical Arabic Language.''
* The extensive rule is one of the transformational rules in which the construction can be in two terms-;first ,the basic or deep or main construction which is called extensive; i.e which is added the basic language unites wherever they are; the extended structure have been studied through the analysis of the written material that have selected to be a model of contemporary classical language, that is characterized by this diversity to include all levels of language, encompassing material:The language of journalism represented by the Egyptian daily, and the language of literature represented by novels and short stories ,and the language of science and scientific books they represent, that has been mentioned these sources are all sources of research and review at the end of this research.
- The research proposal is divided into an introduction, a preface, two fields of investigation (themes), besides resources and references.
* The introduction: - sheds light on the relationship between classical Arabic language and contemporary Arabic language. Fittingly, it explores and probes the running and lying changes across the classical Arabic language, besides the controversy of scholars and savants' methods, as well as researchers in identifying and probing these changes.
* The preface: - focuses on the concept of some special terms such as: the word, the clause and the construction. It deals with the concept of basic construction, extensive construction, as well as the deep structure and the surface structure.
* The first field of investigation:- entitled " Extending the Structural Units of Construction''. This field of the study provides some methods for extending the word, the clause in contemporary classical Arabic language, one way to expand the word in contemporary classical language reliance on the accompanying play an essential role in the formation of compound words that comes to signify the names of places and bodies, institutions, countries and scientific terms.
- Among the reasons for extension of the phrase in this language:
A - Multiple additions.
B - Variety of attributes.
C - Frequent conjunctions
D - Many effects for the word that consist the phrase.
* The second field of investigation:- entitled ''Extending Construction''.
This field of the study aims at examining the reasons of extending autonomous construction in classical Arabic language and the extensive elements, besides its position in components of construction, such as, predicate and subject.
* The separate construction can be extended in classic Arabic by two means;-first internally second; externally where other elements are added the basic structure like complements; adverbials, and cause constructions which may be a prefix, infix, or suffix. In classic Arabic, extension plays an important rule in compound words which indicate names of places, institutions, organizations or scientific terms. Extension in classic Arabic is mainly made in:
a - Multiple additions.
b - Multiple appositives.
c - Versatile adjectives.
d - Multiple complements in sentences.
* Conclusion: presents the most important results and findings of the research.

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