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A Cultural Reading of Dialogue Language in the Uthri Poets (in Arabic)

Auther : Yousef Olaimat, Mahmoud Alhalhouli

This study aims at introducing a new conception of Uthri poetry through a close cultural reading of the dialogue language in this poetry. In addition, it will shed light on the effective categories which help reveal the poets’ stance on the universe, the society and life. The cultural reading of selected texts in this study indicates that women figures are employed not only as a beautiful feminine element but also to another dimension  related to an implicitly adopted by the poet in his conflict with the dominant social traditions. This study illuminates this stance both in theory and practice through the following:

1- Theorizing: The concept of cultural reading

     - The concept of category

2- Practice:

     - The poet’s dialogue with human beings which includes self

         - dialogue: addressing the heart, the eye, the psyche. 

     - Dialogue with people: addressing the beloved and censurers

     - dialogue with the place

     - dialogue with time : death and abandonment

     - dialogue with beats, birds and nature


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