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Difference in Leadership Conduct among Different Levels of School Administration: State of Kuwait (A Field Study) (in Arabic)

Auther : Ahmad Al-Bustan

Educational administration depends mainly on efficient management and leadership skills which are reflected, directly and indirectly, by the general leadership conduct at the school level. Leadership has been an issue of interest to philosophers and sociologists for a long time.

This study is designed to examine the difference in leadership conduct among school administrators at all levels of education. The difference in leadership conduct is scrutinised through variables such as experience, gender, position and the educational district of the administrator.

The study sample includes 255 participants from school administrators and teachers. The opinions of the subjects of the study are deduced from their reaction to the 42 statements that appeared on the study questionnaire.

The study questionnaire was designed to investigate the following areas:

1.Description of actual leadership conduct;

2.Leadership conduct for decision making;

3.Leadership conduct adaptation in different situations;

4.The reaction between leadership conduct and other leaders;

5.The reaction between leadership conduct and others.

The statistical analysis of the study data points to a significant difference of (p < 0.05) in leadership conduct in relation to:

1. The educational district variable, where the district of Hawalli and the Capital were more significant;

2.. The position of leader, where headmasters and senior teachers were more relevant;

3.The present level of the administrators experience;

4.The type of school system, where leaders in the primary and intermediate co-education schools scored a higher


5.The difference in the gender for the leader did not correlate with the leadership conduct.

In accordance with these findings the study has offered some suggestions and recommendations. 

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