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The Effect of the Iraqi Aggression on the Psychological State of Kuwaiti Youth: A field study on A sample of Kuwaiti Students Who Resided in Egypt During the Aggression (in Arabic)

Auther : Zein-el-Abideen Darweesh

This study attempts to show the Psychological pressures and their effects, as a result of the Gulf War, on a large slice of Kuwaiti youth who resided in Egypt during the Iraqi aggression.

Subjects were 319 male and female Kuwaiti students, selected from Kuwaiti schools in Cairo, at the preparatory and secondary levels. The study also included some female Kuwait students in Egyptian Universities.

The study has for its purpose two major objectives.

The First is «fundamental» in scope. By this is meant discovering the nature of the Psychological problems from which Kuwaiti youths in this study suffered at the time of the Iraqi aggression, and to what extent these problems will effect their future lives, now that the aggression is over.

The second major objective is of an «applied» nature. This involves deducing the guidelines by which the results persented in this study may be put to practical beneficial use: either in formulating the means by which the psychological problems may be treated or curtailed; or in devising the necessary prevention methods against their cumulative effect in the future.

For the purpose of this study, a standardized questionnaire has been used, made up of thirty items. Each item points to one particular psychological problem, and in their entirety they present different manifestations of behavioral disorders. The questionnaire has been tested to ensure its reliability and validity as an appropriate psychometric tool. It was applied in group sessions, and the methodological requirements were fulfilled.

The two results of the study in hand reveal three complementary facts which manifest to what extent the subjects are suffering from behavioral discorders as a result of the Iraqi aggression.

The first fact shows the extent of the psychological problems in relation to the number of students for both sexes.

The second shows the differences entailed in the first facet when each sex is taken independently of the other. The third facet presents a clinical or diagnostic view-point which indicates different behavioral disorders attendent on the psychological problems under discussion. These disorders include neurotic symptoms, depression, maladjustment, and the enfeeblement of intellectual performance related to academic achievement.

The results of these behavioral discorders are discussed in the light of psychiatry and clinical psychology literature, and serve a twofold purpose: to show how these disorders are psychiatric symptoms from which the case students and many like them are suffering; and to stress the importance of the role the relevant institutions should play to ensure their psychological, social and educational welfare.


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