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Towards Finding The Pre-Islamic Rhythms (in Arabic)

Auther : Abdul Hameed Hamam

In the preface, the writer pointed out the importance of the strong relationship between poetry and singing in the Jahliyyas (Pre-Islamic) period. He also unveiled the differences between Jahiliyyas singing, where the syllables had a short or long value according to length, and the Islamic singing which lost step by step the old tradition until it adapted at the end of the Abbasid era the foreign style where the melody governs the song without taking the length of the syllables into account.

The main resources of research are:

a - The Pre-Islamic poetry which preserved the old rhythms.

b - The Bedoiun singing which, because of its isolation, preserved some of the Jahiliyya singing tradition and structures.

c - Old and contemporary Arabic references which deal with metrics and music, offered a great help to accomplish this study.

Accordingly, the following qualities of the Jahiliyya poetical/musical rhyuthms are noted:

1 - It uses the musical accents and not the lingual ones.

2 - The melody is formed by two, moistly identical, phrases, adopting the line of the verse-form (al-Bayt).

3 - Al-Qafiah (rhyme) indicates the sort of the melodic cadence.

4 - The musical rhythm helps correcting the inconsistency in the number of syllables in the hemistichs of a poem.

5 - The short syllable was given only one time value in singing; the long syllable, on

the other hand, could take one of three different values according to its position.

6 - The Arabic poetical sense rejected the use of more than two short syllables in a




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