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The Abstract Semantic Element in the Functions of Arabic (t) (in Arabic)

Auther : Ahmad Talaat Sulaiman

This study was set out to search for the common factor responsible for the assigning of several semantic functions to Arabic (t).

The study is divided into an introduction, three chapters and a conclusion.

In the introduction we introduce the subject and the justifications for studying it. We also introduce our method.

In Chapter One we study the different functions of (t) when it is a compensational morpheme.

The stand of Arab grammarians was briefed and discussed. It was concluded that (t) compensates for both a radical and/or an increment.

We also discusse the cases when (t) is employed as a morphological device, and as a syntactic device.

This Chapter is concluded by a discussion of the relation between (t) and the different levels of the language. Three tables are introduced.

In Chapter Two the results drawn, from the tables are discussed.

Chapter Three focuses on the abstract semantic element and the search for it, both on the surface and in the depth. Our point of view on what linguistic level was the initial employer of (t) is introduced.

In the conclusion, we summarise the results and findings of the study.

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