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Social Environment in Relation to the Administrative System in Jordan (in Arabic)

Auther : Abdelmo'ty Assaf

The general assumption behind this study is that there is a dialectical relationship between the organization and its environment yet the effective organization does not fall completely as a victim to the environment. it rather has a positive and may be distinctive impact upon its environment.

However, this study made its emphasis on three viriables, namely:

  1. The size of population and the size of labour force in relation to population, and the distribution of population according to locality, age, sex, and level of education.
  2. Homogeneity of population and the propensity for change.
  3. Norms, traditions, and general values.

All through our analysis we have mainly concentrated on the impact of each of the above variables on the following dimensions:

  1. The structure of public organization.
  2. The procedure of administrative work and the relationship of the organization. Both internally and externally.
  3. The general function of the organization and its relationship with others, affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

This study has revealed that the Jordanian bureaucracy was largely controlled by its environmet but not vice verse.


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