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Effects of urbanism upon Neighborhood Groups: A Field Study on a Sample of Family Heads in the City of Riyadh (in Arabic)

Auther : Tallaat Ibrahim Lotfy

This research attempts to fill a gap in the understanding of the impact of urbanism upon the neighborly groups.

The comparative method has been used in this study. Data have been collected by various techniques, such as questionaires and interviews.

On the other hand, the study did not support the validity of the following hypotheses:

  1. Urbanism weakens neighborhood relations among individuals.
  2. Resident area far from the Center of the city support neighborhood relations.
  3. Physical proximity among neighbors leads to the strengthening of neighborly relations.

Moreover, the results of the investigation agree with the findings of the subculture theory in considering some conditions and societal factors as supporters of neighborhood relationships such as:

  1. Neighbors participation in meeting some common needs.
  2. Community closeness of primary groups other that neighborly relations.
  3. Less opportunity to establish primary relations outside the neighbor area.

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