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Farabi's Teaching Of Logic (in Arabic)

Auther : Muhammad Chalub Farhan

Farabi’s Writings in Logic present him as an efficient teacher who does not only teach logic, but also explicates the topics usually handled, explains the contents of logical works that treat them, and identifies the significance of each work as well. Besides, Farabi used to point out the nature of each logical system, drawing out its epistomological dimension, and simplifying the difficulties facing the learner by examples and by contrasting or comparing these subjects with those related to other sciences familiar to the learner, His writings also show his tendency to apply logic to language and language research, specifying the objective behind such application.


I think that these lessons may fall under the following heads:

  1. listing down and defining individual works in logic.
  2. Explaining the significance of logical works.
  3. Identifying the nature of logical systems.
  4. Pointing out the epistomological dimension of logical systems.
  5. Applying logical research to language.
  6. Specifying the difficulties facing the learners. And
  7. Pointing out the objective of logical esearch.


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