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The Impact Of A Student's Environmental, Educational, And Socio-Economic Backgrounds On His Performance at The University (in Arabic)

Auther : Ibrahim A. Nasser

The purpose of this paper is to study the impact of the student’s background (environmental, socio-economical; and educational) on his achievement at the university.

The study was done on Jordanian students who came from different areas of Jordan:

  1. Amman and Suburbs
  2. West Bank
  3. East Bank

The result of the study showed that;

There is no relation between the socio-economical status of the student and

  1. his total grades in the general secondary certificate (tawjihi) examination (G.S.C.E).
  2. His total grade at the University.

While there is a strong and positive relation between the total grades of the student in (G.S.C.E.) and his total grades accumulation at the University.



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