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Volume :3 Issue : 11 1983      Add To Cart                                                                    Download

History - Writing And The Arabs (in Arabic)

Auther : Shawqi Al-Jamal

This paper deals with the following topics:
1. History – writing in the pre-Islamic period (Days: Genealogies History of the Kings of Al-Heerah).
2. Developments in History-writing after the rise of Islam, the factors that influenced these developments, and the stages of these developments.
3. Schools of History-writing among the Muslim Arabs and the characteristics of each school.
  • The Yemeni School (Wahb Ibn Munabbeh).
  • The Hijazi School in Al-Madina (O’rwah Ibn A-Zuhair: Al-Zuhairi).
  • The Iraqi school in Al-Kufa, AlBashrah and Baghdad.
  • The great Historians of the third Hegira Century (Al-Balathery Al-Yaa’qouby Al-Deenoury: Ibn Qutaibah: Al-Tabary)
  • The Schools of History-Writing in Egypt and Syria.
  • The school of History – Writing in Al-Andalus.

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