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The Concept of Recreational Services and Its Status in The Kuwaiti Model (in Arabic)

Auther : Abdul Rasol Al-Musa



Recreation is one of the ancient activities which man has known and practiced for centuries.

Although these activities followed primitive and traditional paths, yet with the complication of life and the development of man’s need for change and entertainment, they have taken several dimensions and have shown a considerable improvement.

The recreational level is of importance to other economic sectors in the national plans and it is a necessity for the integrity of any comprehensive development planning policy.

Apart from meeting a natural human need for entertainment. Different countries regard recreational services and tourism as valuable investment which add to the national income and have a remarkable social return, if natural resources are used properly and adequately.

Nevertheless recreational activities and local tourism differ-from one environment to another and from one community to another according to different geographical and climatic inputs and to the factors of social values.

Hence, in localities of semi-arid climated and of poor topographical and ecological environments, or in those of environmental conditions of either cold or hot climated (where people hesitate to practice outdoor entertainment and recreational activities) people try to organize themselves in their recreational fields.

From the social point of view, however, recreational activities dirrer according to variation in the social and cultural trends.

In Kuwait which we have chosen as a case to tackle this subject, we have outlined the recreational activities that passed through different stages, developing from a traditional activity typical of its socioeconomic and geographical environment, to witness a drastic change “like all other sectors of the economy” which has its advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage of these changes was the government policy to adopt this sector and include it in the country’s national development plans.

On the other side, recreational programms have been hampered by the poor natural environment and the limited geographical variation of the country. This resulted from the observed inadequate and imbalanced distribution of these services, which affected their goals negatively.


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