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* The publishing policy of the scientific journals.



A: Refereeing Process 

1.      All published research papers and studies shall be refereed by qualified experts with extensive research experience records and distinguished academic ranking.

2.      The referee’s academic rank shall be higher than that of the research paper author (in case author is an individual), or any one of the co-authors (in case of multiple authors). In all cases, the referees’ academic rank shall not be below associate professor level.

3.      There is a list of approved referees for each of the journal’s subject areas and disciplines. The list is updated on a regular basis in light of previous experience. 

4.      Referees shall provide feedback on the research paper in question in the form of a written report using predefined determinants, such as:

·         The originality of the research paper and the extent of its contribution and importance to the area of specialization

·         The suggested methodology and approach

·         A sufficient list of sources, references, and notes

·         The quality of the research paper in terms of structure, language and conclusions.

At the end of the review, each referee is requested to provide a summary on the quality of the research paper for publication.

5.      Arab Journal for the Humanities requires at least 2 referees for each research paper. The Journal's Editor-in-Chief may request a third referee in case the paper is rejected by either of the two referees. In case of rejection, the author shall be informed that the research paper will not be published.

6.      If the research author(s) is from Kuwait, the referees have to be from outside of Kuwait. Discretion is left to the editor-in-chief to assess instances that require refereeing from within Kuwait in case of the possible selection of a third referee.

B: Arab Journal for the Humanities Rights

1.   The editorial board reserves the right to conduct the initial examination of the research paper and report its adequacy for refereeing. The referees’ opinion shall be binding on the editorial board and Editor-in-Chief. 

2.   The editor-in-chief shall provide the author(s) of the rejected research paper with the referees’ assessment or a summary thereof - upon request - maintaining the referees’ anonymity, and shall not be obligated to respond to the author’s(s’) objections.

3.   The research paper shall be considered withdrawn if the author is late (more than 3 months from date of receiving Arab Journal for the Humanities assessment) in incorporating the necessary amendments into the research paper, unless there are valid reasons acceptable by the editorial board.

4.   Priority in publishing accepted papers shall be given to authors from Kuwait University, in particular research papers related to regional studies.

5.   Research papers shall not to be published in any other academic journal once the decision is made to publish the same in one of the Academic Publication Council journals.

6.   Arab Journal for the Humanities shall have the right to republish papers – in print or electronic form- that have previously been published without the author’s consent. The Journal shall have the right to permit others to save its research papers on various databases whether or not in return for a fee.

C: Author’s Rights

1.      The Editor-in-Chief shall inform the author of the eligibility of the paper for publication within two weeks of receiving the referees’ assessments.

2.      The author(s) may republish an article previously published in the Arab Journal for the Humanities as part of a book after 3 years from date of publication in the Journal subject to permission from the Journal and citing the source.

D: Disciplinary Procedures in case of Breach of Undertaking 

1.      If there is evidence that the author has published a paper – in written or electronic form – before, during, or after presenting the same to Arab Journal for the Humanities, the latter reserves the right to disqualify any future association with the Journal and other journals of the Academic Publication Council for a period of not less than 12 months, as decided by the editorial board, and to inform the author’s employer thereof. 

2.      The author(s) shall bear all costs and fees incurred by the journal, including referees’ fees and postage if (a) the author does not incorporate the necessary amendments into the research paper as suggested by the referees and the journal, or (b) the author withdraws the research paper prior to publication.

* Filling this confirmation by the researchers becomes numerous to the single research.

* If you have any problem with sending you articles, please send it to AJH e-mail: ajh@ku.edu.kw

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