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Kuwait National Security:

A Comprehensive Political Perspective based on the National and International Changes


Dr.Abdullah Yousef Sahar

Political Science Departement

Kuwait University

Dr.Abdul Mohsen Jamal

political Science Departement

Gulf University





It is apparent that there is a growing importance of the field of national security after the end of cold war and the subsequent changes of international structure and order. These changes have significant effects on the classic notion of national sovereignty. Accordingly, the national security of Kuwait is facing new circumstances that deserve to be studied and analyzed. Based on Kuwait’s national security fundamentals, this study attempts to offer new aperspective that includes additional related issues, which will set the national security of Kuwait for the foreseeable time. This study, also, will look into the most effective issues and challenges that confront Kuwait’s national security and what would be the best methods to investigate them. In order to understand the evolutionary dimensions of Kuwait’s national security, which evolves in the light of recent implications of the surrounding environments in the Middle East, this study will address the need to forecast newly interlocked methods, which include national and international issues.
The national security, in to this study, will not be limited to the classic understanding of military and political issues, but will extend to the following subjects: environmental, health, economic, social, informational, humanitarian, and food security. The study ends with the need to utilize mechanisms and formulate new visions that offer Kuwait a competitive advantage in order to strengthen its national security. Among these mechanisms and visions are those that start from keeping up with the transnational non-governmental organizations whose actions are intertwined in international policy interactions, which necessitates keeping pace with and benefiting from them in a sound manner consistent with the waves of change in the global system.



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