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Press Coverage of the Arab Spring Revolutions in the American Press: An Analytical and Field Study

Dr. Magdy Mohamed Abdel Gawad Dagher
Department of Information, Faculty of Arts
Mansoura University


The study seeks to monitor and analyze media coverage of American daily press and coverage of the Arab region during the period that preceded and followed the rise of the Arab revolutions. This is to identify aspects of this coverage,
nature and trends, and the content of those newspapers due to the repercussions of demonstrations, protests and revolutions on American handling, as one of the major influential countries in the Arab region and in the world. The study observes the way the American media sorts news and events, especially with
regard to important political issues, including the Arab revolutions in 2011, and then what is approved based on the intellectual orientation has become a news story. The American newspapers operate, and therefore affected by the transfer
of news in the Arab region interests of the actors in the arena of domestic policy of the US institutions, individuals, parties, pressure groups and others.
The study analyzed the American press discourse on the issues of democratic transformation in the Arab region, which was characterized by violence and tension, sometimes, and political variables, stable at times, where the indicator of these variables is the growing role of modern communication technology
in achieving the hopes of the Arabs, which remained for decades captive to the political systems and media - described as corrupt and despotic - and a government media dedicated to the preference of the existing political climate.
As part of this, the content of 5935 journal articles was analyzed in a comprehensive inventory method, applied to the top five US daily newspapers, USA Today, Wall Street, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, 65 correspondents who worked for the American newspapers
in the Arab region during the revolutions of 2011, and their task was to cover the events of the Arab revolutions. This contributes in one way or another to the formation and decision-making of the United States towards the Arab region. The results of the study reached a number of results, the most important of
which are: The American newspapers have been interested in the events of the Arab region and the demonstrations and revolutions that prevailed in some of their capitals at the same time. Egypt came First (27, 49), followed by Tunisia
(20,86), Syria (16,89), Yemen (14,71), Libya (13,55), Bahrain (3,81) and Saudi Arabia (2.69). It is noted that despite the precedence of the Tunisian revolution in Arab events, the Egyptian revolution topped the list of interests of American
newspapers and this is valuable to the status of Egypt and its regional and political role in American foreign policy, The New York Times was the most popular newspaper in the US, while USA Today was the most interested in
daily news reports on the events of the Arab revolutions, and Wall Street came on the list of American newspapers with most interest in opinion articles and caricatures.
The results also confirmed the strategic importance of the Arab region and its impact on US interests in the region. This underlines the importance of the political dimension in the interest, and the decline in professional dimension, which is linked to journalistic practice and to address issues and events in
accordance with the vision that pursued by the US State Department. The results also revealed the adoption of correspondents of American journalists on four main sources according to their belief in the importance represented
in (direct observation of civil society organizations, experts, intellectuals and the general public). The results indicated that the lack of integrated objective guarantees when the transfer of news and information about the revolutions in the Arab region in the American daily newspapers vary from one person to
another, and form newspaper to another.
Press Coverage of the Arab Spring Revolutions in the American Press: An Analytical and Field Study




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